GlobeChemie The Chemical Planet | N-Benzoyl-L-Aspartic acid Sinnar
structure Image
Part Number 11061
Product Name N-Benzoyl-L-Aspartic acid
Alternate Name
Cas Number 4631-12-3
Molecular Formula
Molecular Weight 237.21
Standard Packing 25KG
Packing Group
UN Number
HSN Code 29222120

Intermediate for Bedaquiline


Specifications Limit


White to off white color powder

Identification by HPLC

The Retention time of the major peak in the chromatogram of test preparation corresponds to that in the chromatogram of system suitability preparation as obtained under purity by HPLC


Water Content by KF

NMT 1.0%


Purity by HPLC


NLT 99.00%


Related Substance by HPLC

Benzoic acid

Any other individual impurity



NMT 1.0%

NMT 0.2%

Specific optical Rotation (1% n Acetone at 25oC)


In Between -7.0o and -11.0o