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structure Image
Part Number 11077
Product Name di-Sodium Pamoate
Alternate Name Pamoic acid disodium salt
Cas Number 6640-22-8
Molecular Formula
Molecular Weight 432.33
Standard Packing 25KG
Packing Group
UN Number
HSN Code 29420090

Intermediate for Pyrantel Pamoate


Specifications Limit


Pale yellow to greenish yellow powder

Clarity of solution (16% w/v solution at 66°C±5°C)

Clear and free from any undissolved matter


Water Content by KF

3.7 to 4.5% W/W


Sodium Ion Content


9.9 to 12.5 % W/W


Identification and Impurities by TLC


The main spot in sample have same Rf value as that of in standard


Bon Acid


NMT 0.5%