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Part Number 10724
Product Name tert-Butylcarbazate
Alternate Name tert-butyl N-aminocarbamate;tert-butyl hydrazinecarboxylate
Cas Number 870-46-2
Molecular Formula C5H12N2O2
Molecular Weight 132.16
Standard Packing
Packing Group II
UN Number 1325
Hazardous 4.1
HSN Code 29280090
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Reagent used in solid phase peptide synthesis and in α-amino aldehyde optical purity determinations. Condenses with aldehydes to form hydrazones which are intermediates in the synthesis of HIV-1 protease inhibitors


Specifications Limit


Off White to White Crystalline Powder or liquid

Identification by GC

In the chromatography purity by GC, Retention time of peak in test sample chromatogram should match with the chromatogram obtained with standard sample.

Purity by GC

NLT 98.00%


Tert-butanol by GC


NMT 1.0%